The Meaning of Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

Independence is a reflection of supreme sovereignty that allows the mind and body and spirit to soar on the wings of freedom, experiencing life as we define it.

Independence does not mean we are alone; it is to exist within a collective, expressing our individuality and self determination.

For the Americans, July 4th is a symbol of that freedom of expression. Fireworks burst in the sky and hearts open to feel the wonder of an image of an independence that was hard won long ago.

Today…in this time of individual and collective expansion, we don’t need to pick up a musket to fight for our independence. We have only to envision it, to claim it and consciously walk the paths that fuel that freedom in to our reality. 

Independence is the birthright of all sentient beings; seeded in to the heart by our soul. It is waiting to be activated and fostered into being by our thoughts, words and actions.

Today we are reminded of freedom and look forward to a time when all beings of Earth enjoy the liberty of independence, living in harmony with one another in peace, prosperity and supreme sovereignty. These values live in the heart, where hate has no home.

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New SVH Process: Nature’s Spark – Seeds of Perpetual Regeneration

Seeds of Perpetual Regeneration
& enhanced receptivity to the
spark of new cells.

  Dear Friends,

I am excited to offer you a new life transforming SVH Process that is dedicated to the seeds of perpetual regeneration and enhanced receptivity to the spark of new cells. The process is called Nature’s Spark and was inspired by my pondering thoughts that started to ramble when I was watching a documentary film the other day.

In the film David Suzuki, scientist and author of The Sacred Balance and Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, discussed the elements in the Periodic Table that exist in the air we breathe. Sounds pretty benign, but it gets better, I promise.

David and Ray postulate that our atmosphere is an eternal layer around the planet that holds us together and links us to the past and even the future. These two fellows pinpoint that one percent of the air we breathe is an inert element called Argon. It enters our lungs and is exhaled to rejoin the pool of other elements and circulate the globe as it has done for millions of years. 

These scientists say that the number of argon molecules in each breath can be mathematically calculated. I don’t know how, but they say they can calculate how many argon molecules you breathe that were also once in the lungs of Joan of Arc, Jesus and dinosaurs that lived sixty-five million years ago. It is their belief that argon connects us with everything that exists on Earth, across the centuries and space and time. 

My Questioning Mind

Hearing that concept inspired a thread of questions in me. I started asking Creator a million questions and the answers to them led me to question the purpose of all the other elements that make up our atmosphere. One of the most fascinating of these is the orbs of light that digital photos capture.

Over the last weeks of our Plant and Animal Communication workshop I have developed a further understanding of orbs and their reasons for being, so my first thoughts went to orbs and then filtered to anything else floating in the ocean of air that surrounds our planet. The following trail of information is the thread of my inspiration for the new process.

Further Discovery

Earth, as a planet, is a divine essence of being that exists within a fluid space that nurtures, feeds and sustains us. What we call air is really the sentient blood of Gaia and every tree, blade of grass, lion, and bird and human being is dependant on the circulation of this essence in order to live.

What I discovered is that the eternal presence of orbs within Earth’s fluid space, are a sentient element of the perpetually circulating gaseous layers of our world. Their job is to directly interface with our energy fields to spark and recharge the light cells of our being.

The sentient orbs are perpetually present within the gaseous and fluid layers of Earth and are more than battery chargers. They are instrumental in the spark of life that occurs at conception and the birth of every new cell. 

I am evermore humbled by the depth of their participation in Creator’s Plan and the selfless nature of their purpose to assist all sentience of Earth.

Orbs and Their Sacred Role
in the Spark of New Cells

I discovered that it is not necessary for an orb to enter the inner presence of any of Gaia’s sentient life forms in order to transmit its transcendental spark. Orbs interface with all sentient elements of physical and energy presence osmotically. They intuitively transmit spark and charge to a recipient’s energy field and that input is integrated into all parts-of-their-being, based on levels of acceptance.

In nature there is no resistance to receiving the orb’s spark among the non-human sentient life forms of Earth. Of all Earth’s sentience, human beings are the only species that unconsciously form a resistance barrier that, in varying degrees, has a potential to limit the full potential of an orb’s divine spark. This resistance is like refusing love, since the orbs interface with our presence to support the charge of life in the cells of our being. The seeds and foundation of this resistance to the charge of life is based in limiting beliefs and deep genetic formatting that support separation from the oneness.

With this new understanding of the orbs and their unique presence and dedicated purpose, I believe it is prudent for us to consider a new strategy that supports a greater acceptance of the orb’s purpose within Creator’s Plan. To that end, I worked with the Creator and Archangels Michael and Metatron to create a new SVH Process that will enhance our receptivity to the sacred functions of Earth’s sentient orbs. This can be achieved by discovering and reformatting the seeds and foundations of any resistance to the higher order of the orb’s functions.

When this SVH Process is activated, it initiates the first steps at conception, when orb’s first interface with the ovum and semen. Then, through the life your higher consciousness and soul monitor the energy field’s to identify any seeds and foundations of resistance to accepting the spark and recharging of the light cells of your being. When resistance is discovered, Creator activates a comprehensive clearing profile, using SVH Level Five principles and the old story of resistance is seamlessly rewritten by the Creator. In this new paradigm, your whole life will reflect that you have always received the full measure this element of your birthright; supported and fueled within the collective stream of Earth’s atmospheric oneness presence.

Those of us in the New World Seminar Plant and Animal Communication Series were the first in the world to be offered this new process, but I couldn’t wait long before sending it out to you.

Those familiar with SVH understand that the mechanisms of this modality are directed by the higher consciousness and soul and seamlessly implemented by the Creator. This is a lifelong process that sweeps back to the first spark of life and continues through the life as the Creator maintains your free will choice to receive natures spark as designed.

To receive this new process, close your eyes and imagine that a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the SVH Level Three Master Practitioner Process: Nature’s Spark.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to implement the parameters of this process for you. Take a moment to hear, sense, see or feel an affirmative response from Creator and then shout out the word ‘YES’ to authorize the Creator to initiate the process.

Now, turn on some music and dance with these orbs that are always in your presence and as you dance, feel the sparks of light igniting within your energy field and radiate gratitude to the orbs, the Creator and to all that is within the Sacred Essence of our atmosphere that supports, sustains and coexists with us here on our wonderful sentient world.


Further Discovery

I am currently working on a new SVH Process that will complement Nature’s Spark, by having the Creator intercede in the body’s transfer of information from old cells to new cells.

The body is perpetually remaking itself, by creating new cells and transferring data about the body to those new cells. I think you will agree with me that passing on information about high blood pressure and old scars only perpetuates the old story and does nothing to support perpetual regeneration.

The new process I am working on is dedicated to reforming the old system, allowing the information transfer to reflect an ideal vision of our body in a perfected state.

Please hold the space for the successful development of this concept and watch for the e-mail announcing that the new process ready to be activated.


Jill Marie


P.S. I highly recommend Tom Shadyac’s documentary film, I Am, for anyone that has not seen it. It is incredibly thought provoking.

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Relieve Stress through Sacred Healing Radiance with Jill Marie

Relieve Stress through
Sacred Healing Radiance
with Jill Marie

My Dear Friends,

I have recorded a physical and energy body healing for you, using the SVH transformational intuitive tool called Sacred Healing Radiance.

This is not a sampling; it is a full healing experience that is dedicated to relief of physical, emotional and mental stress. This procedure is followed by a nine hour healing chamber immersion of Divine Light and the Sacred Rays.Sacred Healing Radiance can be used to restore wellness to any area of the body and even used in plant and animal healing.If you don’t have this tool yet, I would love for you to learn how to direct Sacred Healing Radiance from the palms of your hands, but for now…bask in the radiance and feel the effects of stress melt away.

Use this recording over and over again with amazing results.

While you listen, I apply this method as your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator work hand in hand with Archangels Michael and Metatron, using an intuitive energy the Creator calls Sacred Healing Radiance.

In this healing the sentient radiance is intuitive, working with your higher consciousness and soul and your physical body sentience to identify areas of the physical and energy bodies affected by stress. Transformational reformatting sequences are applied by the Creator, using the SVH Tool Quantum Level Reprogramming, to release old patterns and the seeds and foundations of unbalanced energies that fueled the stress.

Sacred Healing Radiance is comprised of Sacred Rays, Divine Light and all of the colors, tones and resonance of the Sacred Geometries and their vibrational Hues. The radiance is intuitive, so in this healing it automatically flows to every area of the body that is affected by stress or is holding stress.

If the topic of our session today was dedicated to address a specific physical body issue, the radiance would intuitively draw its healing essence to the areas of concern and all supporting organs and systems affected by that imbalance.

I selected stress for the issue addressed in this healing, because stress is a major catalyst for disease, disorder and physical body dysfunction and it limits clarity, focus and joyfulness.


Many blessings,

Jill Marie

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New World Seminar update


I am excited to offer this update on Enhancing Your Innate Abilities through Angel Communication.

Who could have predicted the rousing success participants are experiencing in this project?
It is amazing!

People that never heard or saw their angels before are receiving guidance and seeing their angels will amazing clarity. It is such an easy course to participate in also, with only four minutes of homework to complete each day over the three month project and three one hour seminars. Best of all, the program is self managed, so you go online to access the homework and practice recordings and move through the stages of the series. All the while you are developing your innate abilities and a personal relationship with the masters and angel guardians that have been assisting you throughout your life.

If you are not registered for Enhancing Your Innate Abilities through Angel Communication, now is the time to jump in. This week end is the third live seminar in the series, so you can be on the conference live and ride the momentum of the group before moving through the schedule’s three months of seminars and homework.

There are four remaining weeks of homework to complete before the next seminar series begins. Plant & Animal Communication is going to knock your socks off. In the first seminar of this series we work with the Creator to activate a primordial link in the third eye, to support mental telepathy.

Enhancing Your Innate Abilities through Angel Communication is an amazing way to prepare for the
Plant & Animal Communication course.

Jump onboard these two courses to enhance your innate abilities in ways that will make your heart sing and light the way for greater clarity, focus and surety.

Visit to read the testimonials about Enhancing Your Innate Abilities through Angel Communication and jump onboard to enhance your innate abilities in ways that will make your heart sing and light the way for greater clarity, focus and surety. It’s playful, heartwarming and a dream come true.


Prayer Request for little Grady with Gorham’s disease

Beloved Master Healers,


This is a call for prayers for little Grady and all children suffering with the rare disease Lymphangiomatosis.

Below is a link to a three minute video that explains more about this disease. It is a call for other sufferers of this disease to register with the international LGDA registry for lymphatic malformations, helping researchers worldwide to unlock the mysteries of Lymphangiomatosis and Gorham’s disease and find a treatment and cure for these kids.

Please watch the video below:

His lymphatic system malformed while it was developing. His lymphatic channels think they’re doing their job but they’re leaking some where in his body and the leak (chylous fluid) is building up in the pleural lining on the outside of his lung compressing the lung so it can’t fully expand. His lungs are good but with them being compressed his O2 levels drop & his body has to struggle to get oxygen.

This condition also affects some organs in that his spleen, liver, pancreas as well as most bones have lesions. In his bones, they show as darker spots and are actually weaker & prone to fracture/breaks.

The blood tests all come out good. His triglyceride levels have always been on the higher side. We’re doubling up the omegas.

The drug in the clinical trial was being tested for it’s ability to reduce the pleural effusions (liquid around the lung’s lining) and secondly to decrease the size of the lesions. The docs think Grady didn’t respond like the other kids due to the inflammatory factor in the cells located in the lesions & in the chylous fluid they tested from last December. There is more info the doc discussed on a cellular level, which we didn’t fully understand but they’ve got great researchers on this condition. The doc feels this will be cured in her lifetime Praying for the researchers and for the connections they need to make, be made!

Thank you for keeping Grady and our family in your prayers. After seeing the video below, I know Grady has many angels surrounding him.

Grady is so blessed to be at the bottom of severity with this rare disease.

Thank you for you continued prayers and support.

Robin aka … Grady’s Birdie

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Enhancing your Innate Abilities – 3-part Seminar Series


Amp your receptivity and develop your own flavor of receiving.

Register on or before 12-14-2013 to receive a personalized bonus comprehensive clearing program following each class.


A payment of 111€ provides access
to the complete 3-part series.



Receiving clear inner guidance from your incorruptible source is more important than ever in these transformational times.  This three part series is designed to light up your inner barometer, enhance your innate abilities and support your sovereignty. Elevate your abilities to hear your inner guidance and to sense and know authentic truth.


I’m not talking about an inner voice that tells you what to do; I am referring to the voice of truth that each of us has, that offers guidance and insights for us to choose from.

Enhancing your Innate Abilities begins January 4, 2014. This three part New World Seminar Series Tele-class is scheduled for the first Saturday in January, February & March.

The focus of each class is tuning in to inner guidance, learning to trust your inner voice of truth and enhancing discernment.


Each class is a journey to awaken and strengthen your abilities to receive, recognize and trust the inner guidance your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator are longing to offer.

These live classes are to be recorded for later access and homework.


No pre-requisites ~ Open to the public

A payment of 111€ provides access
to the complete 3-part series.


Deviating from the graceful paths you are meant to discover is a distraction.


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Support your Child’s Soul Purpose! – Listed to the recorded tele-conf!

Support your child’s soul purpose from their first spark of life.

 Help your biological mother do the same for you.



 Dear Friends,

I stumbled onto a life transforming jewel a few months back and you are going to love it. We have a new SVH Process and a guided experience that rolls time back to your conception and also the conception of your children, to create a sacred bond between the soul essences of mother and child. Several elements within the process enhance your ability to support every facet of your soul purpose and that of your children. If a biological father of the child is in the loop, he too is offered an opportunity to play a major role in the endeavor.

Years ago I had a pondering thought about Jesus and I wondered what it must have been like for him to have parents that knew his soul purpose and supported it from the first spark of his life. The concept I share with you followed from there.

From the moment of conception we share the essence of our mother’s soul, because we are made of her body and are an element of her life experience. At some point the individuated soul essence meant for us enters our physical and energy bodies. Back in the day a soul entered the fetus a few days or weeks before birth, however, the soul essence of babies born in the last ten years enters much sooner.

In this thirty-three minute tele-gathering you have an opportunity roll back time to become an ideal mentor to your child. After blending your soul essence with the soul of your gestating baby, a vision of the child’s purpose is actively focused to you and it throughout its fetal development and full life experience. Clearing features utilizing quantum level reprogramming activate any time there is resistance to your roles of master mentoring and mentored master, so every day of your child’s life you become focused and clear about the ways you can guide and protect him or her.

To meet the soul essence of your child, before it enters its baby body and to receive a full vision of its ever evolving purpose, allows you the honor and privilege of enhancing his or her evolution to higher consciousness throughout the formative years and beyond.

This procedure employs SVH parameters to facilitate distinctions involving your soul purpose and that of your child. All stages of this procedure are applied by your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator as this experiential journey and fully formulated SVH Process structures a new enhanced life experience for you and your child.

This same opportunity is available to each of us, when we use the parameters of this mechanism to work with our biological parents through non-manipulative means that elevate us to the ranks of master and master maker.

Even if you don’t have biological children, this tele-gathering and the new SVH Processes are going to light you up and in many cases, help heal past relationships with your family of origin.

More will be described on the live call as we move through this thirty-three minute journey of a lifetime on November 23. There are so many expansive stages and steps covered in this SVH Process, so prepare your self to be elevated. This work is going to rock your world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to heal the past and light the way for you and your loved ones.

This tele-gathering is open to all and
SVH certification is not required.


Jill Marie

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New SVH Process: Funk Buffer – by Jill Marie

Are you feeling funky?

Announcing the New SVH Process: Funk Buffer

Symptoms of the Funk:

• Feeling blah
• Depleted energy reserves
• Physical and mental exhaustion
• Lack of passion and focus
• Symptoms of depression
• Agitation and short temper
• Achy

Never before in the history of Earth has our evolving world birthed a dimensional elevation such as this. It’s a celebration!

With that said, lots of people are feeling funky instead of feeling fab. Some of this is just the natural evolutionary course of the lesser dimensional energy fields bumping into the more stable energy associated with the higher dimensional fields. Naturally we are choosing the higher realms of being and by doing so; you would think it would make us immune to the lesser energies.

I am not holding us up as the elite, but we really are special and part of the specialness I am referring to is the fact that we are done, done, done with drama and trauma and the lesser energies that limit our focus and clarity and drag us down. So why are some of us caught in the funk?

The foundations of this funk can be traced as far back as November 11, 2008, however, it can be said that around December 21, 2012 many people experiences low levels of inner confusion and mental fatigue reaching their peak. 12-21-12 was a great day for all of us…andbut it seems to have come with a clinker.

I have looked at this issue a million ways over the past three months and discovered a lot of the whys, but I really didn’t hit on a solution until I considered the Earth herself. In fact, I turned to nature for the answer to the funk quandary.

The animal kingdom appears to be in the funk as much or more than those of us experiencing symptoms, but the trees and many plants appear to be immune. That was a clue.

The Discovery

Gaia is mostly fluid and her solid parts are like a rubber band, woven into a tight ball that creates an intricate web. That web radiates as much or more ripples of energy as water does, only with less amplification.

So…here we are, living on a mass of elastic-y filaments that expand and contract with cold and heat and echo vibrations from waves of sound and motion.

Like water, these filaments are affected by the solar and lunar cycles, but it is the water’s amplification of the cacophonous sounds created by we human beings that gave me the next clue.

If everyone and every thing that exists as an element of Gaia’s reality could and will eventually leap into higher states of conscious awareness, then each of these elements of Earth are either [outside of the flow of higher principles], [in the flow] or [in some stage of arriving there].

Imagine what the vibrations of energy emitted from these three states of being sound like in the evolution of every human being, animal and elemental. Factor these and the infinite number of sounds associated with every potential state of being…playing all at once in a music hall. It would be cacophonous.

When we all existed in 3D, everything matched the frequencies of 3D. Then we shifted to 4D and merged our duality into the non-dual 5D, stepping from the cold into a warm bathwater of energy to incubate our 6D desires within, all the while working through our 3D issues.

We are choosing the higher realms of consciousness 6D offers and embrace a life of harmony, but parts of our life reality might be coexisting in the lesser dimensional fields; certainly a large number of the collective of humanity remain fully present in the denser fields.

So, even if we are fully embracing the highest principles of divine truth…living and breathing our master walk in clear focused clarity, representations of old paradigm 3D realities can still exist around us. With judgment…just turn on your television to listen to the news for a moment and you will know what I am referring to.

The good news is that through nature…human beings that are still stuck in the quagmires of life will be able to move quicker through the learning streams they are creating.

The even better news…is that we don’t have to wait for the rest of the world to join our barbeque to be immune to their process. We can be like the trees and grass and flowers that are immune to the energies creating the funk.

Please review the overview the parameters of the new SVH Level 1 Mastery Trigger Process: Funk Buffer and if it sounds like a tool you would like to add to your arsenal of SVH feel good processes, follow the process activation procedure below.

The Process

Funk Buffer utilizes an energy buffer derived from trees and plants that are immune to the natural evolutionary course of the lesser dimensional energy fields that are bumping into the more stable energy associated with the higher dimensional fields.

Each time you think the words Funk Buffer, with an intention to activate the trigger, the Creator and your higher consciousness and soul expand your auric field to encompass the full space of the room or area you are in. Your aura is immersed and with vibrational buffers for eleven minutes.

Trees and plants in the area that are immune to discordant energies expand their auric fields outward in all directions to support your buffer zone. A comprehensive clearing profile activates, using quantum level reprogramming, to identify and reform the seeds and foundations of any attractions of discordant energies; to restore neutrality and higher dimensional conscious presence. A reflection of what it looks like to be immune to the discordant energies of this evolving Earth projects to your subconscious mind to support your positive focus.

This is the gist of the Funk Buffer.

After activating this Trigger Process for your use, any time you experience symptoms of the funk…just think the trigger words Funk Buffer with the intention to activate the process and your higher consciousness and soul jumps into action.

To activate this trigger, simply close your eyes and imagine that a big movie screen is floating before you. On that screen is the SVH Level 1 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Funk Buffer.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in alignment…or ok for the Creator to activate the trigger and to apply all the parameters of the process each time you call it into use.

Then listen for an affirmative confirmation through a sense or knowing and when you have it…just think the word ‘YES’ and the trigger is ready for your use.

This is a wonderful time to be alive, with infinite opportunities for spiritual elevation, master manifesting and living the dream. We are all choosing to live a life of grace, vitality and joy and to manifest what we want…the instant we want it. For the most part we are making things happen faster and most of what we are creating is either spot-on what we desire or pretty close.

I know this process is going to help pave the way for a more graceful evolution to higher consciousness for those of us sensitive to the waffle and warble of energies as awakening beings everywhere stretch to find their footing and bridge into the higher dimensions.

The animal kingdom and earth elementals are ready to soar to the higher dimensions now, they are just waiting for us. So everything can we do to help the cause, helps the cause. Using the new SVH Trigger Process: Funk Buffer to shift out of the path of cacophonous energy is a way to balance your life stream and immerse the realities you are associated with nature’s call to remember the true nature of self. The trees know their truth and it is only a matter of time before we all do.

SVH practitioners………you can load this process for your cats and dogs and birds, making it a permanent component….to activate any time it will benefit.


Jill Marie

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SVH Trigger Process: Repellant


Yippeee! At last … a process that is dedicated to repelling bugs and insects of any kind.

This process acts as a deterrent for mosquitoes, bedbugs, spiders and insects that bite,
sting or burrow.

I really wanted to name this trigger process Bugger-Off, but then I found out that term is vulgar slang…so I named it repellant…since that is what the process is intended to do.

This trigger process activates a dedicated series of vibrational frequencies that the higher consciousness and soul transmit directly to insects that enter the range of the auric field.

The vibrational frequencies are uncomfortable to insects, which encourages them to move out of your space. The frequencies transmitted are harmless to the insect and are undetected by you. It’s like hanging a do-not-disturb sign on the hotel doorknob.

A clearing profile activates along with the trigger to help release acceptance of being fed upon or attractions of being bit, stung or burrowed…through fears and beliefs.

In the event an insect is agitated and seeks to defend itself through its natural defense mechanisms, an energy field activates to block the transmitting of irritating and infected substances.

After activating this Trigger Process for your use, any time you detect insects in your surrounding area, just think the trigger word Repellent, with the intention to activate the process and your higher consciousness and soul will jump into action throughout the timeframe of your exposure.

To activate this trigger, simply close your eyes and imagine that a big movie screen is floating before you. On that screen is the SVH Trigger Process: Repellant.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in alignment…or ok for the Creator to activate the trigger and to apply all the parameters of the process each time you call it into use.

Then listen for an affirmative confirmation through a sense or knowing and when you have it…just think the word ‘YES’ and the trigger is ready for your use.


Many Blessings,

Jill Marie

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Global Weight Management Program: Project Report

One of the most challenging aspects of this project is the fact that most participants are suppose to eat, drink and be merry for three months, which allows me to work to indentify the seeds and foundations of indoctrinations that are supporting unbalanced patters of weight loss and weight gain.

I spend one hour working with each participant, every week out of the three months and also work with the group as a collective.

I think the best way to share how the project is going is to paste last week’s homework below for your review. You are going to love hearing about it.

I am so passionate about where we are headed in this project. Sometimes I wonder if everyone really understands what it is that we are focusing on and what our ultimate goal is, so I would like to reiterate a little bit of the project’s intention. It is our goal to release all that would block the physical body from achieving and maintaining a weight balance that is closest to our heart.

First and foremost, this project is not a diet. The primary homework given out to everybody every week has always been to eat, drink and be merry. Let me explain a little bit about why that is so important.

So much energy has big given to weight loss and weight gain and all of the laws and rules that govern the sliding scales that bring us to our goal or set point. Through convoluted mental misdirection, the body has been retrained to work against its natural order….even so much that for some, a consistent consumption of wholesome foods has done nothing to balance body weight. I had to someone tell me that just eating an extra apple can put a pound on them the next day. That doesn’t make any common sense…. but it does make uncommon sense.

The uncommon sense of it is that food and the consuming of it doesn’t really have anything to do with the fat content or the sugar content and even how much of it you eat…as much as it has to do with what you and the cells of your body and the collective consciousness beliefs about that food and how the assimilation of it is going to affect your body.

It is our goal as a collective of individuals to reclaim our bodies, to step away from influence of the social media and the inner workings of self sabotage and to restore what was, enhance what is and establish the reality of a balanced body that maintains its ideal body fat ratio and superb muscle tone as part of your natural order of living. Through proper digestion and assimilation we are choosing to free our bodies in a manner that is free of fears and rigidity.

Several times we’ve talked about back in the day, when we and most of the people we knew could eat a whole pizza and dessert and maintain ideal weight and muscle tone. We were ageless, fit and not attached to aging, dying and getting fat. We may have seen heavier people and older people, but in that mindset of youth, it had no relevance for us, because we felt invincible and lived that way.

For those of you that are working to build your body up to a more balanced weight, this relates to you as well, because we are retraining the physical body and the mind and the sentience (which is the conscious awareness that exists within every cell of our body) to meet the mark of what it is that we are truly choosing for our body to physically reflect.

I will be 59 this year, which is the new 37, so naturally I am not choosing to bring my body into the balance of a 59 year-age woman; I’m choosing to restore the image of a youthful mindset and that feeling of invincibility.

No matter what your year-age, and what your goal is in this project, whether to release kilos or gain them, our ultimate goal is to bring balance and to claim sovereignty over our body….so say it with me, “No more shall I allow limiting influence from within or outside of my physical being, to define my health, vitality, youthfulness, or my spirit of adventure and invincibility.”

The first step in achieving this goal is to eat, drink and be merry. The mindset has been to starve the body to create the perfect body and to drive it to the point of exhaustion with hours of exercise in order to look good in a swimsuit. For dieters and even those desiring to build body mass…the focus of the mind has been hyper directed on how much to eat, when to eat and how many calories are allowed……and at the end of the day you’ve either been bad or good.

We are taking three months out of the collective mindset to eat, drink and be merry, giving us the opportunity to use some of the most advanced reformatting techniques in the world to identify the seeds of imbalance blocking us from adopting the collective mindset of youth and invincibility, so we can reset our body to live that way.

When you eat, drink and are merry, you are consuming food and fluids with the mindset of joy, freedom and that whisper of invincibility. It’s a free pass to eat anything you want and drink anything you want. During the three months of this project, the deep mining expedition uses the opportunity of this free eating to identify embedded formatting holding you and me and all of us…in collective mindsets are defining how food works in our body. I am looking for belief systems and collective mindsets that support that eating an extra apple or a piece of cheese or a glass of wine at dinner or a dessert, make us bad and ruin all of your good efforts for the day or even for the week.

So, when you have that extra glass of wine or slice of cheesecake and even if you eat a whole pizza, know that Jilly is digging into the current life and genetic imprints that are telling the body what to do about that consumption…so we can identify the seeds and foundations of belief systems and collective indoctrinations that are limiting you from being able to eat and drink and be merry for every moment of the rest of your life.

The idea…and really our ultimate goal, is not to lose weight or to gain weight in this project… It is to find the balance by releasing indoctrinations that have limited us from physically, emotionally and energetically achieving our ideal weight goal.

So if you weigh yourself and your number goes up or down…know that I am loading clearings in those times to help release the addictive charge associated with being bad and or good.

When we have completed this project, I will continue to send you homework whenever a new topic is discovered that will help us to achieve even greater sovereignty and self love….but right now were in the middle of this project and we need to do everything that we can to support the our ultimate goal. That means drinking water, so that the programs we have set in place to help your body to release toxins can be enhanced through the Creator protocols. I know that some of you are struggling to drink enough water, but sling a slice of lemon in it and get at least six glasses of that lovely elixir into your body each day.

The deep mining expedition that was implemented for each of you in this week’s clearing homework was investigated and loaded for you as individuals and then as a collective. I was moving in a million different directions, based on all the topics of discussion in our last group project tele-call. I took your ideas to the limit and beyond and I look forward to our next tele-call, because I am able to glean a lot of clearing from your random inner dialog when you listen live or to the recording….so speak up on the live call and get your ideas out there for us all to hear.

I am already working on next week’s homework clearing package.

The major focus of the next week is physical and emotional trauma. I got onto that topic toward the end of last nights discovery work and was able to complete the clearing on that topic for just one of our group of participants and it was so huge that I was compelled to call her right then….because I didn’t want her to have to wait until next week to get the clearing for it.

Physical and emotional trauma is what I consider to be one of the major pieces of the mining expedition in this project. I know that in the next days, as I dig into each of our individual clearing time frames…it will just keep getting bigger.

Until then, you have an amazing clearing package that is waiting for you to access that encompasses all of the major elements of discovery over the last week. The jewel of our first collective link is in this homework package; the framework of the grid Archangels Michael and Metatron are working on with us, to create our own balanced body collective. This grid will deflect limiting social media and outside indoctrinations from affecting the balanced body collective of us in the project.

(At this point the project participants receive their weekly homework clearing.)

FYI: There is room for 4 additional participants in this project. There are only so many hours in a week for me to do the individual clearing parameters, so I can only fit 4 more in the project. Any new participants will have several recordings to listen to and 6 homework clearings that roll back to be activated 1-each week, beginning March 15th. It takes between 4 and 5 hours for me to bring a new participant to current with the main body of project participants.

Contact me if you are interested or register online at: