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Send Your Prayer Petitions to Mother Mary

Send Your Prayer Petitions
to Mother Mary

On July 18 I will be in Lourdes, France at the Grotto of Massabielle, where Mother Mary appeared to Bernadette more than 150 years ago.

I will light a candle in your name and deliver your prayer request to Mary at the grotto.

Petition prayers for you, your family, the world and any one or any thing your heart desires. I will stand before the statue of Mary, positioned in the place where she appeared to Bernadette and ask Mary to bless, heal and create miracles for you.

I plan to enter the bath of miracle healing waters later that day as a surrogate for one and all. There is no charge for this service. It is an honor for me to once again light the candles and pray the prayers and to immerse in the waters in the name of those requesting a petition to Mother Mary.

The yearly number of people visiting the grotto has grown to as many as six million. These people come to Lourdes because they can feel Mary’s unconditional love and many if not most, petition Mary for healing from her waters and ask for answers to their prayers.

There have been so many documented miracles that have occurred during and after petitioning prayers to Mary at Lourdes.

Please send your prayer petitions before July 17 as I will be in transit to Lourdes on that day. If you wish to keep your prayer topic private, simply write to say, “Jill Marie, I am holding my prayers for Mary in my heart. Please offer my petition to Mary.” If you would like to be included in the miracle healing water baths, please ask to be added to the surrogate list.

Why will I be in Lourdes?

I will be in Lourdes, France on July 18th to receive a second channeled message from Mother Mary; her first channeled message and New World Wisdom Code instillation was on solstice weekend June 20th. It was recorded at 3:33am, from the grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes. If you would like to hear her 1st message, it is available here:

These messages are part of a project called New World Wisdom Code Boomerang. You can be a part of this project and receive all of Mary’s teachings and her wisdom codes and that of the other masters.

It is unclear how many messages Mary will include in her New World teachings, but this second instruction is meant to reawaken a divine element of the divine feminine and to ignite ascension pathways, which is meant to occur simply from hearing the verbal and telepathic resonance of the message Mary transmits on July 18th.

The New World Wisdom Codes and teachings offered by Mother Mary, her mother Saint Anne and Mary Magdalene are clearly offered in this transformational time as an aid to assist each and every one of us to establish our own pace and the truths we are awakening to remember.

There is a cost for the boomerang project.

I encourage you to read and listen to the information about this boomerang project and then to run…don’t walk, to join this master maker journey of expansion. To receive the Essene Ascension Codes from Saint Anne, the teachings from she and Mary and Magdalene and their New World Codes…is a mega opportunity and blessing.

We can calibrate this boomerang stone for any member of your family that is interested. Imagine your children and grandchildren receiving the ascension codes.

Click here to learn more!

Click here to sign up!

If this Boomerang project attracts you, please register and join in on the fun and personal expansion.

Thank you for supporting the ministry and seeing the glorious vision for our evolving world.

Click here to learn more!

Please send me your Lourdes Prayer Petitions
for Mother Mary before July 17.


I will light a candle for you, offer your prayers to Mary and enter the healing waters for you. There is no cost for the prayer project.

The New World Wisdom Code Boomerang is one opportunity and the Lourdes prayer petitions another.




Please share this message with everyone.

Thank you!

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Building a Wall for Umoja in Kenya

The most amazing opportunity opened up for us a few months ago. We were planning to do some work inEgyptand then shoot over toKenyato build a wall around a village, to stop hyenas and other wild animals from preying on their children and livestock.

Umoja is a place where a group of impoverished tribal Samburu women inNorthern Kenyacreated a women-only village. In the 1990s, several hundred women accused British soldiers from a nearby military base of rape. In keeping with traditional Samburu customs, the women were blamed for this abuse and were cast out by their husbands for bringing shame to their families.

We were all pretty jazzed about the project of helping these women and children, but when I went to arrange the final details, another group had already beaten us to the task. A group of MADRE workers built a fabulous wall to support the safety of the women, children and goats in this unique village of women.  (MADRE is an international women’s human rights organization.)

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Egypt 2013: Miracle on the Nile

It seemed that Egypt was off the plan too, until our Egyptologist director of tours brought us an opportunity that we could not walk away from; a twelve night cruise on the Nile  aboard the steam ship owned by the last king of Egypt, King Farouk. Talk about elegance!  

The best part is that we unpack once and then travel in lavish comfort for thirteen days, seeing the wonders of Egypt.

Three sumptuous meals a day, guided tours with our own Egyptologist and an opportunity to implement sacred service for the planet and experience untold personal expansion.

If you ever wanted to go to Egypt or dream of returning, this is the trip. The only thing is that we only have until May 14 to hold the cabins, so this is one of those opportunities that needs to be seized! You can read more about the journey at or If you want to join in our upcoming adventure, please get a deposit in ASAP.

The journey begins in Cairo on October 3 and completes on October 16th.  Run … don’t walk to embrace your destiny on this master maker journey.

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Activating the Roman Boomerang: Return to Montségur

Completing the Circle of the
Cathar and Roman Conquest Boomerangs.

Pausing while Ben took this picture of the mountain, I was reminded of the last time I came here to climb to the fortress.

Montségur is steep and a long climb to the top. The only smooth elements of the path are the boot-polished granite stones that are as slick as wet mossy rocks. See that little dot at the top of the mountain? That is our destination.

This is the beginning of our journey to the top. Thankfully Ben gallantly offered to carry my backpack of stones! What a dear fellow! Ben stayed with me every step of the way and was a steady hand to balance my ascent and graceful return to the base of the mountain.

As you may remember, the first burning of Cathars in the Albigensian Crusade occurred at Minerve and the last was here at Montségur.

To complete the circle of our Cathar and Roman Conquest Boomerangs I was once again drawn to this fortress, bringing with me your boomerang stones from Mount Vesuvius and Minerve.

It felt important to carry all of our stones to Montségur before posting them to you and the other participants…… and it also felt important for us to leave some of the extra stones behind at the fortress and at the monument.

This monument is a tribute to approximately 220 Cathars that refused to renounce their faith and were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the mountain.

In 1242 Hugues de Arcis led the military command of about 10,000 royal troops against the castle that was held by about 100 fighters. This fortress was home to 211 Cathars (who were pacifists and did not fight). The siege lasted nine months until the castle finally surrendered.

I stacked up four of the larger stones collected from the riverbed in the canyon below Minerve, where the first burning of Cathars occurred in the Albigensian Crusade. The top three lava rocks are Roman Conquest Boomerang Stones collected from the hillside of Mount Vesuvius.

After Ben took this picture we repacked the stones and carried them up the mountain.

Although I am choosing to stop and smell more of the roses along the paths if my life’s journey…… pausing to look at cute butterflies can be a useful strategy when you are on your nine-hundredth climbing break in an hour and little old ladies are passing you on the path.

I am slated to start a Release a Bunch of Kilos diet program later this week …… and/but the whole climb I was wishing I’d started it last month. Thank goodness Ben carried the pack of boomerang stones, but I was packing me!

I did make it to the top. I entered the fortress with the stones and found an outcropping where I could build the tribute. I stacked the Minerve river rock and Roman Conquest Mount Vesuvius Boomerang stones and then called forth all the masters, angels and guides and councils of light that are working with us within the Creator’s Plan for our elevating world.

In spatial reasoning and spatial knowing, using all of the many tools and master principles of the elevated SVH work, I asked for Archangels Michael and Metetron and our many support teams to assist us in our individual and collective claims for freedom associated with the conjoined Cathar and Roman Conquest Boomerang clearings.

In this clearing, atrocities like the Cathar genocide that was perpetrated throughout France and the cords and triggers from other same and similar subjugations linked to the Roman Conquest are released from our genetic and current life formatting. Boomerang clearings are by far the most important clearing tool of this century.

One of the Minerve stones I brought to build the tribute with was replaced by a rock from inside the fortress. It felt important to drop that Minerve stone and one of the Mount Vesuvius Roman Conquest Boomerang stones, into a crack in the wall of the fortress. There it will stay forever.

When we implement our boomerang clearings, the cleansed energy freed from our stones link to these held within the fortress walls, to become beacons of hope and sovereignty for all sentient beings of Earth. The we are released from this bondage, the brighter the light. Archangel Michael guardians this light ray, amplifying its radiance as the collective of sentient beings of our world ready for each new leap in consciousness.

In our conscious free will claim for sovereignty, we choose to step onto mastery paths that support our independence from drone formatting and the hive mind. We choose a harmonious life that is free of domination ……….and in that emancipation we lay the foundation for others to step onto their master walk.

The Light Vision

There is a vast collective focus supporting the belief that we are headed into deep waters in the days ahead, but there is no need to panic; there is no need to feel helpless and lost. There is EVERY reason to stand in our power and to draw upon the strengths that are innate to us. Which scenario are you committed to fuel into reality with your thoughts, your words and your actions?

With the unlimited resources of creation energy available to each of us, we can create an easy, graceful transition to a world of abundance and elevated consciousness.

The illusions of powerlessness and erroneous beliefs that fuel a potential for world domination is the next stone to crack………..and it is a big one.

The World Domination Boomerang does not chop the dead off the dragon; it frees you from hundreds of years of deeply embedded formatting that fuels acceptance of the Crown’s domination of our world’s monetary system. We don’t need to fight the dragon to accomplish this goal. We become the ideal and freely live its principles.

When we collectively activate our World Domination Boomerangs in October, a new world opens for each of us. ….and then we head to Germany.

It is your destiny to be free. It is an element of our purpose to fuel this reality for the world.

Many blessings of light!



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Rome Boomerang Mission Report

The Boomerang Stones
are on the move!

July 26

The drive to Italy was fast and furious, especially after I made a right turn somewhere and ended up in Spain. No worries, I turned the car around at the next exit and headed back two hours to the point of departure from the trail.

I am an optimist, so it was very easy for me to celebrate all the extra Cathar country the Minerve stones had the opportunity to connect with. Ten hours ahead was Florence, my first stop in the five day driving marathon, so I put the pedal to the metal and lit up a lightening fast trail to my destination.

As soon as I hit the Italian border I stopped for a cappuccino. It is worth mentioning that even the truck stops in Italy make a better cappuccino than anywhere else in the world, so my blinker turned on at every fifth or sixth rest stop.

I arrived in Florence too late for dinner, so I ate at a gelato shop. It was not a problem!

July 27

The next day I headed south to Vesuvius. I really wanted to climb the volcano, but I knew that the stones were meant to be collected on the 28th, so as I passed the grand caldera I honored Gaia and drove on to the little village hotel I selected. Again it was a bit late for restaurant service by the time I arrived, but I found a place with authentic Italian food. I guess that isn’t too big of a stretch of the imagination, since I am in Italy….but oh my goodness, the food was to live for!


July 28


It was a magnificent experience to drive up the skinny winding mountain road leading up to the caldera of Mount Vesuvius. The higher I drove the more I wondered at the enormity of the land mass that was drenched in lava and ash. As you know, this volcano laid waste Pompeii in 79AD.

Vesuvius is the most ideal place to collect the stones for our Roman Conquest Boomerang. There was no way for the people of Pompeii to escape the lava and ash of Vesuvius, just as those that were conquered by soldiers of the Roman Conquest and Holy Roman Empire were unable to escape subjugation, except through death.

I collected our boomerang stones from the hillside of Mount Vesuvius and got a few extra in the event others join the project later. I held the stones, bringing them to my heart……….connecting with Gaia and the Creator and all of the masters and angelic beings of light that are assisting you and I and the collective of our world. I know that the stones collected this day are viewed by many to be the previous elements of fiery destruction, but to us they are pieces of stone to be used as a catalyst for our world’s transformation and elevation to new levels of sovereignty and freedom. It was a humbling moment to realize that the very eruption that snuffed out the lives of so many will soon spark a new freedom in collective consciousness. We are doing something huge for ourselves and for our world.

After checking into the hotel in Rome I took our stones on a reconnaissance mission to the Roman Forum and the Vatican before going on to the coliseum to initiate the first activation of the stones at the Arch of Titus.


The first activation takes place at the Arch of Titus on July 28. This auspicious date of Tisha B’Av lights a beacon of hope for all subjugated peoples of this world.

The Arch of Titus was in full darkness when I arrived. At first I was a bit confused, because there was a really big lit up arch in front of the coliseum and everyone was calling it Constantine’s Arch. I walked around it over and over again, but couldn’t find the Titus reliefs.

Finally I heard a fellow speaking about the sacking of the temple in Jerusalem, so I asked if the arch before us was the one he was speaking about. Happily he directed me to a cobbled path leading to the actual Arch of Titus.

I carried our bag of stones to the arch and initiated the protocol to start the boomerang activation. I called on all the masters, angels and guides of light and the Creator … requesting that each of us be supported in our journey of personal advancement, helping us to light beacons of hope for those that are searching for answers to support change and those that have lost all hope of freedom. Curiously, the arch was in darkness, with only a small slip of moon to light it. When the activation was complete I found a person who knew how to turn the flash off on my camera, so I could take this photo.

July 29

Most of today was spent holding the energy of the newly developing grid and the second activation of our stones at the Roman Forum. I also went back to the Vatican to select the position for our third activation tomorrow.

There are so many areas of the forum that I connected with as a place to initiate the second stone activation. My mind ran to the site where Caesar was murdered, the house of the vestal virgins and so on ……… but the senate remained the ideal.


The second activation took place at the archeological site of the Roman Senate on July 29. This strategic position serves to amplify our declaration of autonomy.

The activation of our stones at the senate in the Roman Forum was like a shout of freedom that silently burst from my mind and my heart. Our collective claims for sovereignty and autonomy are now prepared to ring out to the world when we hold our boomerang stones in our hands and initiate the threading procedure that connects us to each aspect of our genetic and soul lineage that have been subjugated by the Roman Conquest and the Holy Roman Empire.

July 30th

With absolute clarity I know our third activation of the boomerang stones was to be activated at the Egyptian Obelisk that stands in the center of Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican. This third activation reclaims our divine right of free will.


Symbol of the Conquering

At the center of the ovato tondo stands an Egyptian obelisk of red granite, 25.5 meters tall, supported on bronze lions and surmounted by the Chigi arms in bronze, in all 41 meters to the cross on its top. The obelisk was originally erected at Heliopolis by a pharaoh of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt (c. 2494 BC – 2345 BC). During its history of c. 4400 years (at the start of the 2010s), the obelisk has been successfully moved 3 times.

The Emperor Augustus (c. 63 BC – 14 AD) had it moved to the Julian Forum of Alexandria, where it stood until year 37 A.D.

In 37 A.D., Caligula ordered the forum demolished and the obelisk transferred to Rome. He had it placed on the spina which ran along the center of the Circus of Nero, where it would preside over Nero’s countless brutal games and Christian executions.

The obelisk was moved to its current site in 1586, where it has waited patiently for our boomerang stones to be activated at its feet on July 30, 2012.

Our boomerang stones received their third activation at the foot of the Vatican Obelisk in the morning, further claiming our choice to live and create the life of our dreams and our free will right to choose those dreams.


As soon as the stones were activated, my zig-zag journey home commenced. I packed up, checked out of the hotel and hit the road.

Sometimes I felt like I was in the Ishtar movie, riding a blind camel in circles and getting nowhere. The back roads of Italy I selected weaved me through many villages, taking me past the same landmark over and over again. Each time I rounded a bend and saw that same big house on the hill I felt like I was in a time warp. The miles of road were weaving me gradually closer to it and at last saw it in my rear view mirror.

I arrived in Pisa quite late and checked into my small hotel that is only a few feet from the leaning tower. This is a hotel with no stars and though they boast that there are three, they are lying. I was never so grateful to be traveling with my own pillow.

I was ready for food and bed, but could not resist walking to the monument before heading up the three flights of stairs to my toasty warm room with single bed and small electric fan. My bathroom had a toilet, a bidet and a shower head that lowered to rain into a small space between the two. I fell asleep laughing; not exactly princess quarters! I dreamed that mosquitoes were swarming the room, stinging every inch of my body. When I woke up I didn’t have a mark on me, but I was itching from the laundry soap used on the sheets. A quick SVH protocol fixed that!

The rest of the way back to France was spent linking the stones to the energy grids Archangel Michael and Metetron created for the boomerang.

Here at home, I laid out the Minerve and Vesuvius stones to be washed and prepared for shipment to boomerang registrants. In a flash I felt a call to take the stones onto the open road again. I am inspired to carry the stones to Lourdes to wash the stones in Mary’s healing waters. Where better to lift remnants of the old stories from the history of these amazing stones?


When I arrived at the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes, there were thousands of people. I brought out the Minerve stones and washed each of them in Mary’s healing water. You can see in the photograph that the purple rocks changed color and really look more like pieces of raw liver. I piled them on top of the trough after washing them and then took this picture. What a surprise to see the green heart shaped rock.

Next I washed the rocks collected from the hillside of Mount Vesuvius. When I was finished I carried the bag over to the area where Mother Mary appeared to young Bernadette more than 150 years ago. I put the bag of rocks down in the grotto and prayed for our project, asking Mary to assist us in our quest for sovereignty and freedom from suppressions. It was very emotional. I could feel Mary’s energy touch the bag of rocks and in that moment I knew that she was our champion in this quest for emancipation from drone formatting. I lit candles and filled bottles of water before departing for home.

I finish the boomerang formatting sequences this week and will be packaging and sending out the stones and clearing instructions. If you have not registered for one of these stones yet, please read more about the boomerang parameters on the SVH website and consider it. This is the next stage clearing we have all been waiting for. (How can we truly rise to our greatest potential with the embedded formatting associated with the collective acceptance of rulers and being ruled?) If you have already registered, your stone flies out to you next week. Get ready for the biggest genetic and current life clearing ever!

The saga continues as August offers excellent opportunities to live, laugh and be… the Aude. I hope to see you here at a class some day soon.

I leave you with this thought stream; every moment of your life is important. Live it on purpose…..for a purpose that gracefully leads you to the pinnacle of your dreams.

Many blessings of light!

Jill Marie


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The Roman Conquest Boomerang: World Team Call-to-Service!

Peace, Personal Empowerment, Prosperity and Freedom from Domination Imprinting.

Disengage from the hive-mind.

Release genetic drone formatting imposed on humanity through the Roman Conquest.

The people of this world are worn out. They are tired…they are exhausted from fighting to exist in a world that is controlled by real and imaginary powers that are fueled by shadows of the past.

Sign up for the Rome Boomerang!

Out of the ashes of Mount Vesuvius in Southern Italy, comes a means to release deeply rooted genetic seeds that fuel the acceptance of suppressions that have hypnotized the masses and stifled their sovereignty, personal empowerment and prosperity for thousands of years.

The Journey Begins in One Day

I Leave for Italy on July 26th. From the hillside of Mount Vesuvius, I plan to collect thirty-three lava stones. Lava that formed these stones is the blood of Earth Gaia and carries a neutral history of Earth.

Gaia holds no grudges or judgment of humanity’s choices and experiences. She blesses these stones for our project. Her encoded keys assist the boomerang energy parameters to flow freely on the earth as they follow the threads linking to each seedbed of suppression associated with the Roman Conquest of humanity in the ancient times and now.

A Second Stone

All Roman Conquest Boomerang Participants receive an additional boomerang clearing and stone. The Cathar Boomerang stone included in this project is an extension and expansion of the transformational 2011 Cathar Boomerang. The Cather stone you receive with this project was collected from the riverbed down in the canyon below Minerve, France on July 22; the auspicious date of the first burning of the Cathars on July 22, 1210, in the Albigensian Crusade. *See more information at the end of this document.

Your Roman Conquest Boomerang Activations in Rome

Your boomerang stone will be activated three times.

  • The first activation takes place at the Arch of Titus on July 28. This auspicious date of Tish Ba Av lights a beacon of hope for all subjugated peoples of this world.
  • The second activation takes place at the archeological site of the Roman Senate on July 29. This strategic position serves to amplify our declaration of autonomy.
  • The third activation takes place at the Vatican on July 30, where we reclaim our divine right of free will.


It all started in 753BC with the dawn of the Roman Empire. In our mid tenth century the Roman Conquest took on a new fervor as an expanded version of supremacy extended its reach under the heading of the Holy Roman Empire. This surge has touched every country of our world, with a new flavor focused on the spreading of Christian dogma.

Scarcely anyone alive today is untouched by the thousands of years of Rome’s quest for domination. Whole civilizations were assimilated over those years and the seeds of vulnerability and loss of personal sovereignty were planted into the collective consciousness. That history of Rome’s stranglehold can be found in your own genetics. It could be a major factor stopping people from creating the life of their dreams

These genetic imprints activate when triggered by media commentary and the suppressive actions of governing bodies. These strictures have been shown to arbitrarily activate drone mentality and the mindless following of dictates that limit personal freedom.

Have you every wondered why governing bodies seem to have no regard for what the people want? Very few publicly speak out and many vote to keep dishonoring officials in office year after year, believing that the devil they know is better than the one they might get.

Every war, every arrest, imprisonment and new suppressive law and governing regulation that we hear about, witness or experience first hand activates the primordial genetic drone imprinting that is linked to the Roman Conquest. Perceptions and realities of being blocked, stopped or suppressed from creating a prosperous life that is free of the strangleholds of embedded genetic patterns of servitude are linked to seeds of suppression that stem from the Roman Conquest.

These patterns are repeatedly stimulated by indoctrinations that are woven into thousands of years of genetic imprinting. They are further fueled by collective consciousness beliefs that are tied to many stimulating factors; principally stemming from the Roman Conquest.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

Leap in Sovereignty!

Sign up for the Rome Boomerang!

For more information on the transformational boomerang clearing concept, refer to the bottom of this document.

Hold your personally encoded boomerang stone from Mount Vesuvius, Italy and your Cathar Boomerang stone from Minerve, France in your hand and activate this new SVH genetic mining tool.

This tool prepares to connect with every seat of power where the mental, physical and spiritual subjugation of humanity was directed, orchestrated or condoned. These positions are connected through a spatial grid linked to the blood of Gaia (Your Mount Vesuvius stone) that is calibrated to geographically follow the energy flow of the Roman Conquest when the grid map is lowered to Earth. Your Minerve stone will piggy-back on that grid.

Each time you activate your boomerang stones, Archangels Michael and Metetron lower the spatial grid to Earth, connecting your stones to all aspects of your genetic and soul lineage (in any timeline) that was subjected to or a party to the domination imposed by the Roman Conquest and Albigensian Crusade.

The Creator stretches a tiny filament of your aura to each pinpointed region on the grid map, where your dedicated clearing activates in timelessness. Your aura blends with the energy field of the many thousands of aspects of your genetic and soul lineage in each defined area as your sovereignty clearing and the Creator’s gift of Freedom Codes immerse you and your lineage.

In an instant the filaments of your aura are restored to your physical body and the suppression profiles and drone formatting associated with the Roman Conquest is released from the archives of your life story by the SVH reformation tools and the Creator’s mega clearing associated with the Cathar Boomerang.

These boomerangs are life transforming for you and they support the collective elevation of humanity. When you activate these two boomerang stones, you and your progeny are cleared of your genetic imprints of slavery and drone mentality that are linked to the massive embedded energy stream that has followed in the wake of thousands of years of suppression from the Roman Conquest, dating back to 753 BC.

The Clearing Payload

This Roman Conquest Boomerang is a next-stage SVH Clearing Tool that addresses soul lineage and genetic imprinting that activates drone formatting and an acceptance of personal and collective subjugation.

The clearing payload in this boomerang is dedicated to isolate and reform the deep wells of genetic suppression profiles that are even now affecting our sovereignty, autonomy and our divine right to claim innate abilities that fuel our ability to create the realities we desire, when we desire them and how we desire them to be.

We are not slaves and we are certainly not destined to be the food for cancers or victims of the cancerous rusting away of our freedom to design, define and create the realities we desire.

This boomerang is not about who is right and who is wrong or who wronged others. However, it does address thousands of years of seeds that planted the harvests of genetic slavery indoctrinations we are choosing to weed out. This weed must be pulled out by the roots in order for the new energies of elevated principles to take hold within us and in the collective consciousness.

Using a Divine Loophole we enhance the boomerang’s intricate footprint mechanisms to follow the threads of domination from the centers of power that orchestrated the conquest. These energy threads lead us to the connection points with your ancestors and soul lineage that were directly affected by the Roman Conquest and the boomerang clearing profiles isolate your genetic imprints associated with them. When the boomerang is activated by you, the Creator reforms the genetic imprints and associated formatting to disconnect any activation of your current life roles that attract, accept and allow drone mentality programming, acceptance of genocide and any less-than-light roles fueling world domination.

Creator activates a mega SVH Quantum Level Reprogramming sequence for you and all elements of the freedom codes and new elevated principles of sovereignty you receive transmit to your ancestors, progeny and soul aspects. In that very moment, you disconnect from the hive-mind ….. by releasing your genetic drone formatting that was imposed on humanity through thousands of years of Roman Conquest and the aftermath of triggers that are being used to influence the world today.

The Roman Conquest Boomerang is vitally important to the evolution of our world and our own personal advancement.

Please register for it today and also receive the Minerve Boomerang stone and clearing.

Your support helps this work continue.

Sign up for the Rome Boomerang!

In addition to registering for this awesome boomerang, please send prayers and ripples of light for this journey. This new spatial grid clearing is revolutionary and will be life transforming for us. May every element of this journey be carried on the wings of angels and invisible to conflicting energies….

Many blessings of light,

Jill Marie




In 1210 a group of Cathars sought refuge in the village after the massacre at Béziers during the Albigensian Crusade. The village was besieged by Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester. The attacking army besieged the village for six weeks before it capitulated. They set up four catapults around the fortification: three to attack the village, and the largest, Malevoisine, to attack the town’s water supply. Eventually the commander of the 200-strong garrison, Viscount Guilhem of Minerve, gave in and negotiated a surrender, which saved him and the villagers, after the destruction of the town’s main well. However, 140 Cathars refused to give up their faith and were burned to death at the stake beside the river in the canyon below the city on 22 July.

The transformational boomerang clearing concept:

Boomerang stones are linked to a complex sequence of parameters using the SVH active form of prayer. When you activate a Boomerang Clearing, the rock’s aura stretches to each pinpointed spot associated with the boomerang topic and connects your auric field with the soul essence of each aspect of your soul lineage in those places. Some boomerangs are calibrated to energetically connect with the genetic lineage/your ancestors that have been specifically affected by experiences that are relevant to the sovereignty and personal evolution of boomerang recipients.

Anytime that you stand in a spot where another aspect of your soul lineage stood in any timeline of Earth’s history; in timelessness the souls unify and the essence is one. When an SVH clearing is activated in that unity, the Creator has an opportunity to release embedded formatting that is linked to your incarnation and that of those connected with the aspects of the soul lineage essence you are united with in that moment.

The soul is a pristine essence of Creator and there is no limiting program or belief that can be directly associated with that light, but the soul does store a record of the full incarnation of each aspect/life and it is that record that offers the SVH clearing you receive to take on a deeper and more profound release.

In addition to your emancipation from timeless limiting formats, the higher consciousness and soul of the aspects of your soul lineage work with the Creator to immerse the incarnated aspects with elevated principles that are transferred to them throughout the merge; including the illuminative imprints of elevated principles that you receive through the SVH clearing. This exchange has the potential to set a non-manipulative chain reaction of advancement through the full genetic and soul lineage.

Radiance Sweep:

In addition to the new SVH Spatial Grid Clearing Tool inaugurating with the Roman Conquest Boomerang, Radiance Sweep is used to identify areas of the self that are mirroring limitations reflected in collective consciousness through the living people the boomerang stone connects with in its regional sweeping parameters.

As your stone journeys through the many regions of the world associated with the Roman Conquest, The Creator activates a Radiance Sweep to touch upon every man woman and child in every timeline of human history. This process radiates Divine Light upon each of them; calling upon the masters of light and angels to help elevate their ideal.

Elements of the Radiance Sweep identify limiting perceptions, beliefs and limitations held and expressed by the people touched with the Creator’s Divine Light Radiance, as the Minerve boomerang stones and the Mount Vesuvius stones sweep through France and Italy July 26-31. The SVH Boomerang Radiance Sweep Clearing identifies your perceptions, beliefs and actions that have fueled, supported, accepted and perpetuated same or similar limitations in your life experiences and/or you helped to hold those limitations in collective consciousness. This includes indoctrinations that have rippled down and embedded into your genetics from conquests of the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire (Vatican), including caste distinction, drone mentality, hive mind, victim, victimization and victimizing energy, acceptance of domination, fear of God, fear of being punished, killed and or made to be an example, desensitization to horror, acceptance of controls, loss of personal sovereignty, release of hope and dreams, powerlessness and fears of setting firm friendly boundaries, shame, poverty mentality, fears of personal advancement, beliefs of unworthiness and indoctrinations that the trillions+ of beings that existed throughout human history fueled and supported through their actions and beliefs, which did, could or has the potential to limit your evolution to higher consciousness, sovereignty, abundance and personal empowerment.


Please share this to others.

Together we can live free as we light up the pathways of freedom for the collective of humanity.



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India 2011 Photo Update!

India Boomerang Clearing

Click below to download the audio-only version.

 Hold the energy of Siddhartha Buddha in your hand.

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Only a limited number of stones will be collected.

 Connect with aspects of your genetic soul lineage
in hundreds of timelines,

to heal your past, present and future.

 Release Slave Mentality ~ Vanquish Blocks to Abundance ~ Ignite Self Love

 Deep genetic clearing topics:

  •  Servant-hood imprinting ~ Primordial Survival Modes ~ Caste
  • DistinctionUnworthiness ~ Poverty Imprinting ~ Self Deprecation
  • Acceptance of Less ~ Putting Self Last
  • Fear of Reprisals ~ Procrastination
  • Soiled ~ Sin ~ Self Loathing
  • Imprints of Lessness
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Pessimism
  • Hate

On November 1st, 2011, I will collect a small number of pebbles in Bodhgaya, India, near the place where Siddhartha Buddha reached supreme enlightenment. These stones will be used in the India Boomerang Clearing.

Your stone connects to numerous aspects of your soul and genetic lineages, spanning over 2,000 years of Buddha pilgrimages and more than 40,000 years of human slave mentality, struggle and survival.

The creator applies every element of the boomerang clearing when you hold the Bodhgaya pebble in your hand. That clearing reaches through the folds of time to energetically interface with aspects of your genetic and soul lineages. They hold the answer to releasing poverty consciousness and limiting belief systems that block you from becoming the supreme definer of every element of your reality.

For thousands of years, people of this region have endured extreme poverty, suppression and hopelessness, fueling collective consciousness with limiting perceptions of worthiness. Your soul lineage and even aspects of your deep genetics played a role in the development of this pool of poverty imprinting and struggles for survival.

Emancipate from embedded energies that fuel struggle and hardship.

Listen to this short recording to hear how the India Boomerang can set you free from mountains of deeply embedded genetic formatting. Step into a new level of sovereignty when you release blocks to achieving goals, amassing wealth, attracting honoring relationships and living the life of your dreams.

There is nothing in the world like the SVH Boomerang Clearing.

It is the most comprehensive clearing tool in the world.



Click below to download the audio-only version.

New SVH Process: Fuels your ascension and the elevation of Earth.

Do it from the comfort of your home.

 Learn how you can make a difference
in less than two minutes.

 Archangel Michael, your soul and the Creator guide you in missions throughout the world.

Let Archangel Michael to assist you and your soul to link to significant global missions, like Glasshouse, right from the comfort of your home.

Your soul is always working for you and all of us, but some missions that the soul would love to be a part of are not possible without us consciously choosing to participate.

This project uses none of your energy and the whole time you are in the mission the Creator is instilling you with divine light; so you soak it up and your higher consciousness and soul direct the missions with the overflow of all that yummy unconditional love from the Creator’s sacred infusion.

It is my hope that as many as 144,000 of us will take the time each day to apply the steps and stages of their daily missions. Our world will experience the elevating shifts that our collective souls are capable of fueling into reality. Your life will be greatly enriched as your soul and every element of your life continues to spur ripples of light that create waves of illumination to light the pathways of harmony. I know that mission link will bless your master walk and journey of enlightenment.

A committing to support your soul in the mission link once each day takes less than 2 minutes. It’s an easy way for you to help light up the world as you move gracefully to meet the destiny of your mastery and ascension.


 Jill Marie

INDIA 2011: Leaps in Mastery & Support Collective Consciousness

India 2011 - Join Us!


The Journey of a Lifetime

Leaps in Mastery

Missions to Support
Collective Consciousness

Help Lay the Global Foundation for
Ascension 2012

Sign up here!

This journey will take you to places of wonder and excitement. Your presence at each exotic destination in our itinerary progressively ignites flames of awareness to fuel your evolution to higher consciousness.

This is more than a sightseeing expedition; if you feel a nudge to join this mission team, you are answering a call from your soul.

Every step of this India journey is aligned with sacred service that is fuelled by your soul’s mission to support the collective expansion of Gaia and all sentient beings of Earth.

If you are attracted to this journey, please don’t second guess your important role in the stages of the sacred missions that we implement throughout the journey. You are one of the 144,000 masters of light, incarnated in this timeline to help lay the global foundation for Ascension 2012.

There are many master teams throughout the world that are doing their part to support the sacred elevation of the collective consciousness. If you are called to join this journey, you are a member of the World Team and are welcome to step into your leadership role as you individually and collectively align with your soul’s purpose.

As you scroll through the following itinerary, the projected missions are written in burgundy text. In addition to the channelled missions listed below, a great deal of the work we do is inspired in the moment by you and the other participants. We are a team in every sense of the word.

On this journey you will claim your birthright and step into a new role that is fuelled by the great masters of our world. This is the next evolutionary stage in your Master Walk.

Sign up here!

  • day 01: Arrive Delhi
  • day 02: Delhi, Patna & Bodhgaya
  • day 03: Bodhgaya
  • day 04: Bodhgaya & Varanasi
  • day 05: Varanasi & Sarnath
  • day 06: Varanasi & Khajuraho
  • day 07: Khajuraho, Orchha & Agra
  • day 08: Agra
  • day 09: Agra & Jaipur
  • day 10: Jaipur
  • day 11: Jaipur, Mumbai & Aurangabad
  • day 12: Aurangabad
  • day 13: Aurangabad & Mumbai
  • day 14: Mumbai Departure

Upon your arrival in the Indian capital city of New Delhi, you will be greeted by our representative at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. After a warm welcome, you will be escorted to your hotel.

Early Morning flight to Patna and drive to Bodhgaya; en route visiting Nalanda University.

Nalanda was a lovely resort for Saints and ascetics during Buddha’s time. Master Buddha visited Nalanda several times and delivered some important sermons. It emerged as a university in the 5th century A.D. and remained the greatest seat of learning for 7 years. Great thinkers like Nagarjuna (the Mahayana Buddhist Philosopher), Dharmapala (the Brahman scholar), Aryadeva, and Padmasambhava taught here.

On our route to Bodhgaya you are laying the foundation for the sacred elements of your master leaping experience with Buddha at 1:11pm tomorrow (1-11-2011/11-1-2011).

Using a transformational SVH Tool, at 1:11pm on November 1 you step into the energy footprint of Siddhartha Buddha in the timeline moments leading up to his Nirvana. We connect in timelessness and hold space for him in the final moments before illumination.

As he elevates we bask in the radiance of his awakening, allowing him to share the wonder of his expansion with each of us. In a sacred transference, Buddha ignites your levels of consciousness by immersing you in the light of elevated cosmic principles. This is the first stage of enlightenment immersion that Buddha and a consortium of Masters of Light instil on this journey.

Visit the Mahabodhi Temple & Bodhi Tree, Great Buddha Statue, Niranjana River and the various other Buddhist Temples in Bodhgaya. The Mahabodhi temple has a giant pyramidal structure (sikhara) which rises to a height of 54 m. Inside you will find a gilded image of the Buddha. The bricks in the oldest part of the temple have been fitted together without the use of cement. It stands at the site of a shrine built by the King.

This morning drive toVaranasi(243 kms / approx 6 hours).

Arrive Varanasiand check-in to hotel. Visit Ganga Ghat for the evening Aarti. The Aarti is an important daily ritual that takes place on the banks of the Ganges river in the holiest of Hindu townships, Varanasi. Both locals and tourists gather at the Ghat every evening to watch this ceremony.

Each day as you move through the cities and countryside on this journey you connect with the energy footprints of aspects of your soul lineage from a myriad of timelines.

Each of these connections offers you a unique opportunity to upload and transmit the elevated principles of mastery and ascension. These incorruptible transmissions serve to raise your vibration and light quotient and that of your full soul lineage.

Early morning boat ride on the Ganges and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunrise and rituals performed by Hindus on its banks. After breakfast, drive to Sarnath, where the Buddha preached his first sermon. Sarnath is an important site of the Buddhist Circuit. In Sarnath, visit the Dhamek Stupa,SarnathMuseumand the Ashokan Pillar.


This marks the second stage of enlightenment immersion that Buddha and a consortium of Masters of Light instil on this journey. As you step into the energy field of Buddha, in the timeline when he preached his sermon, he offers you the full measure of his knowledge.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to airport to catch your flight to Khajuraho – a UNESCO world heritage site in centralIndia, famous for its erotic sculptured temples.

Today visit the enchanting temples of Khajuraho. Situated inMadhya Pradesh,India, Khajuraho oozes with passion, eroticism, dance and music and other finesses of creative arts depicted in sculpture and images of the temples.

This is a very important mission site for our group. Our focus is directed to heal the collective suppression of sensuality in order to restore the template for human divine union.

Each of us holds a piece in this important undertaking, as the great masters of light assist us to fully release our deeply embedded genetic suppression profiles; igniting and harmonizing our sacred kundalini to match the 6th dimension encodements for New Earth.

After breakfast, embark on a leisurely drive to Orchha. Orchha is the erstwhile capital city of the Bundela rulers. The town is steeped in history and is famous for its palaces and temples built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The architectural splendor of the monuments in Orchha reflects the glory of its rulers.

After sight seeing in Orchha, transfer to Jhansi Railway station to board the train toAgra, the city of the world famous Taj Mahal.

This morning enjoy theAgrasightseeing tour. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the eternal symbol of love, with a sunrise view of Taj Mahal.

Built by Shah Jahan as an eternal symbol of his love for his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal, The Taj Mahal is one of the great architectural wonders of the world. Work on this beautiful monument started in 1641, and the structure took 20,000 laborers 22 years to complete. The Taj changes color depending on the time of day, and it is recommended that you witness this by visiting in the morning or evening.

Visit the Agra Fort, which is built in red sandstone and has magnificent palaces, halls of public and private audience and beautiful gardens. Built by Emperor Akbar on the west bank of the Yamuna, Agra Fort first took shape between 1565 and 1573 and thereafter structures within it were added by successive emperors. Today the towering red-sandstone ramparts house a variety of palace apartments, representing the different building styles of Akbar and his grandson Shah Jahan.

This morning, embark on your drive to Jaipur – land of the Rajputs. Jaipur is an exuberance of color, dance and traditional arts and crafts. Known, as the ‘PinkCity’, Jaipur is home to ancient forts and palaces and is one ofIndia’s most well planned cities.

En-route you will make a brief stop to visit Fatehpur Sikri, the capital city of the Mughal Empire in the 16th century.

Situated 40 km fromAgra, the city ofFatehpur Sikriis an imperial city built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar between 1571 and 1584. The architectural grandeur of this deserted city cannot be described in words and one can only experience the aura of its magnificent edifices by seeing them. The buildings within Fatehpur Sikri are a unique blend of different architectural traditions.

This morning drive just 30 minutes north of the city to explore Jaipur’s Amber Fort-Palace. An elephant ride will help you ascend to this hilltop fort (Elephants are subject to availability). Alternatively, you could choose to walk or drive up to the fort. The 10th century Amber Fort is ringed by hills, with ramparts guarding all approaches and watchtowers set at strategic points. Windows pierce the high walls at points impossible to break in from the outside, and staircases are deliberately narrow so that they could be held by a single warrior allowing members of the royal family and the army to flee to more strategic locations. Of special interest in the fort is the Sheesh Mahal or Hall of Mirrors.

This afternoon, enjoy a sightseeing tour of Jaipur, known as the “Pink City” for the rosy hue of its sandstone buildings. This afternoon, visit the City Palace complex with its museums and Jantar Mantar, the ancient astronomical observatory, and the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), built in the 18th century. This palace with its innumerable windows and screened balconies was especially built for the royal women to view the city and processions from behind their purdahs.

This morning, drive to Jaipur airport to board your flight to Mumbai that will give you a connection to your flight toAurangabad.

This morning after breakfast, proceed for a full day excursion tour to Ajanta Caves.

Nestling in an inner-fold of the Sahyardi hills, 100 km / 2 hrs from Aurangabad in the shape of a mammoth horse- shoe, are the 30 rock-hewn caves of Ajanta. The Caves are said to date from the 2nd century BC, but we know that this is the site of an ancient mastery school where young Jesus was an initiate. Carved with little more than a hammer and chisel,Ajanta, once the retreat of Buddhist monastic orders features several ‘chaityas’ (chapels) and ‘viharas’ (monasteries). Return to Aurangabad overnight.

This is the third stage of enlightenment immersion from Buddha and Jesus and the other initiates and master instructors of the ancient masteryschoolofAjanta.

You merge energy fields with each of these masters and receive pristine uploads of ascension encodements. The seeds of these uploads will spur your own evolution to higher consciousness and assist to elevate collective consciousness.

At 1:11pm you energetically unify with masters of light that resided within all timelines of presence atAjanta. Our team initiates alliances with all major planetary portals associated with the upper and lower grid systems, preparing for the stage one insurgence of sacred codes to be activated on the next day.

Impressive in their own right are the rock-hewn temples and monasteries of Ellora that lie just 30 km / 45 minutes away from Aurangabadcity. Kailash Temple (cave16), the central attraction at Ellora, is the most remarkable. Ellora showcases the experiments that were carried out by Hindu, Buddhist and Jain monks some 600 to 300 years back. It is believed that the structures were carved 350 AD to 700 AD, but we know this is another of the ancient mastery schools where initiates like Jesus and others learned from the great masters of light.

There are 34 temples in total carved out of stone at Ellora caves, which can be divided into three eras – Buddhist, Hindu and Jain. It took over five centuries in scooping out these monasteries, temples and chapels. The Hindu caves are a bit different from the Jain and Buddhist temples in creative vision and execution skills.

This is the fourth stage of enlightenment immersion from Buddha and Jesus and the other initiates and master instructors of the ancient mastery school of Ellora. In this sacred transference you receive uploads of all the sacred knowledge of Jesus, Buddha and initiates that are aspects of your soul lineage.

At 11:11am, we energetically unify with the great masters of the ancient mastery schools to collaborate in a world mission that seeds ascension encodements into all portal regions and sacred energy sites of Earth. This sets the foundation for the 6th dimensional ascension leap on 12-21-2012.

Morning is at leisure. Later you will be transferred to International airport for our flight for onward destination.



COST: $4,444 USD (Not including air to India)
DEPOSIT: $1,111 USD is due without delay.

Final payment must be received
before September 30, 2011!

Sign up here!

Single Occupancy Supplement: $1,111USD
Extension: To be announced.

India Gandhi International Airport, Delhi: October 30

Mumbai: November 12

Extension Participants:


Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai: November 16


  • 13 nights accommodation on double/twin sharing at the hotels mentioned above or similar.
  • Buffet breakfast and DINNERS in all hotels.
  • Train fare based on executive class for travel on sectorJhansitoAgra
  • All transfers, excursions and sightseeing tours will be by air-conditioned Mini Coach (18 seater)
  • Local English-speaking guide shall be provided for the sightseeing & excursion tours.
  • 1 Elephant ride at Amber fort in Jaipur.
  • 1 Boat ride inVaranasi
  • 1 cycle rickshaw ride inVaranasi
  • Representative assistance on all arrival and departure transfers.
  • All road taxes, parking fee, fuel charges, interstate taxes.
  • Porterage at all hotels, railway station & airports
  • All currently applicable taxes.
  • Domestic Air fare.
  • Entry fees to Monuments.


  • Expense of personal nature like laundry, telephone /fax calls, alcoholic beverages, camera/video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, airport departure tax etc.
  • International Air fare.
  • Any other services not mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Trip cancellation/Interruption and Medical travel insurance (Required)
  • $125USD is collected from each participant on first day for the tipping pool.


  • Check-In, Check-out time 12:00 noon.
  • Rates include only those items specified in your itinerary.


With all that said, this is……… The Journey of a Lifetime!

Please tune in to know if it is your soul purpose to be with us on this journey.


Jill Marie

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