New World Wisdom Code Boomerang

If you are interested in the enlightened teachings from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Saint Anne, please read on.

You are in for a treat and so are your
genetic and soul lineages and the world.

New World Wisdom Code
and Teachings

Mother Mary
Mary Magdalene
Saint Anne

Mother Mary, Saint Anne and Mary Magdalene offer their new world wisdom teachings to support your personal advancement in these transformational times. The best part is that these teachings are part of the upcoming New World Wisdom Code Boomerang, so you receive all three teachings and through the boomerang transmit them to your genetic and soul lineages throughout regions of England and France and anywhere you and your boomerang travel.

Once activated, the New World Wisdom Code Boomerang radiates the master’s teachings out to the world from your auric field; assisting to shift the collective consciousness base.

There are three trans-channeled teachings; one from each of the masters. The first of these teachings is to be received in Lourdes, France from Mother Mary this coming weekend…during the solstice. That is why your immediate decision about this project is important. Though you can always get the boomerang later…it is more fun to be in the flow of each of the teachings on the energy day it is happening.

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Mother Mary’s Teachings from Lourdes, France

During the Summer Solstice of June 19-20-21

Heart shaped stones sold in the shops near the grotto, with a cast metal emblem of Mary at Lourdes are to be used as the boomerang stones for this project. Enough stones for everyone registered and a few extra will be purchased, so please register right away to assure you get one of these special boomerang stones.

The stones will be taken to the Lourdes grotto, where Mother Mary appeared to Bernadette several times 150+ years ago. They will be washed in Mary’s healing waters and offered to Mary as an instrument to instill her teachings and her New World Wisdom Code. After the boomerang stone is instilled Mary’s trans-channeled teachings will be recorded and sent to you via hightail.


Mary Magdalene’s Teachings
from Rennes-le-Château

August 8, 2015
[2+0+1+5 = 8]

On August 8 the boomerang stones transfer to Rennes-le-Château, an area well known to Magdalene during her life in France and one of the known places her sarcophagus was hidden.

At Rennes-le-Château, the boomerang stones will be instilled by Magdalene with her New World Wisdom Code and your teachings from her will be recorded and sent to you directly.

August 8 is a very auspicious day. A Lion’s Gate meditation portal expands over the course of several days leading up to the 8/8/8, stimulating energy centers of the body to elevate receptivity. On this day the mind relaxes to receive higher principles and instillations from your wisdom presence, so Magdalene’s teachings will be even more amplified through your recognition of the resonance of their higher truths.

St. Anne’s Teachings from Glastonbury

September 11, 2015

On September 11, your boomerang stone will be immersed in the energy footprints of Saint Anne in Glastonbury, England. She will instill her teachings and New World Wisdom Code and the Essene Ascension Codes in to your boomerang stone. The recording of Anne’s trans-channeled teachings will be sent to you right away and your boomerang stone posted to you from Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is the site of an ancient mastery school and a place of great significance to the Essene. Priestesses of the Essene and schools of higher thought world wide made pilgrimage to this place to receive enhancements associated with elevated principles even now only known to worlds of non duality.

In Glastonbury it is easy to connect with the ancient footprints of Anne, Mary, Magdalene, Saint Germain and other beings of elevated consciousness that made pilgrimage to this personal elevation gateway.

Once activated, this very unique boomerang will radiate the Master’s Teachings, New World Wisdom Codes and the Essene Ascension Codes within your auric field. As a code bearer you shine the higher truths inward to you and radiate their principles outward. (This radiance is cloaked from all adversarial energies.)

What you receive from the radiance is obvious; personal elevation, enhancements of vibration and light quotient and a constant resonance of higher principles reminding you of your truth, to assist you maintaining balance and harmony even in times of upheaval. The Essene ascension codes are a gift from Anne, who desires to become an instrument of support to all evolving beings.

The boomerang element of this project is amazing. Once activated, each time you hold your boomerang in your hand and activate the SVH Trigger Words: Wisdom Code, the Creator stretches your auric field to the places the stone’s expanded aura has connected with aspects of your genetic and soul lineage in France and England. The customary intuitive emersion of energy fields activate and the master’s teachings and New World Wisdom Codes and the Essene Ascension Codes radiate in to the energy field of those ancestors and aspects of your soul lineage in their timeline. Their soul receives these transmissions and can choose to reflect the higher truths from the aura to support the evolution of all beings in those timelines. The global ripple effect of this immersion is phenomenal.

Two new unique features of this boomerang is that anywhere you take your boomerang, the stone’s aura stretches out 25+ feet, radiating the teachings and codes just as you radiate them from your aura.

Should your boomerang cross in to the energy footprint of one of your ancestors or an aspect of your soul lineage, it tags that position for future activations of the boomerang.

The next time you activate the stone by thinking the trigger words Wisdom Code, the Creator stretches your auric field to those new positions to connect and instill the master’s teachings and New World Wisdom Codes and the Essene Ascension Codes to those beings.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in participating in this new world transformational project, please register below.

The cost of this New World Wisdom Code Boomerang is 111€.



Be a part of this glorious project and watch miracles abound in your life.

New SVH Process: Crystal Healing Pad

I don’t want you to have to wait for the newsletter to get this new process, so I am sending it now. It is amazing!

Watch for the upcoming newsletter with other new processes and the following topics:

  •  New SVH Processes: Golden Carrot, Healing Crystal Array, Golden Path GPS, Crystal Healing Pad & Gabriel’s Horn.
  • Amazing New World Boomerang: transmits new world teachings from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Saint Anne.
  • New Innovations in SVH Healing: SVH L3 & Level 3 Mastery Non-surgical Energy Body Operative Procedures performed on the energy body in the space-between-time, by the angels and masters of light.
  • Outbursts and Uncomfortable Energies: Many people are experiencing uneven energies and outbursts that are out of character with the master walk they are choosing.
  • New Books: Several participants of the Channel the Masters course have completed their books and more are nearing readiness to hit Amazon and Kindle. I can’t wait to share these jewels with you.


New SVH Processes

You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Several of my dear friends have expensive crystalline treatment pads and alternative treatment facilities also have these pads with crystals suspended over them. Crystal healing pads are amazing, but not everyone has the wherewithal to purchase a unit or lives near a natural healing center with this system.

No worries, this new SVH trigger process creatively engages a feast of ethereal crystals to elevate your vibration and light quotient and to balance and harmonize your energy body, which translates on to your physical body during the session and for three days following.

After activating SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Crystal Healing Pad for your use, just think the trigger words, Crystal Healing Pad to receive a thirty-three minute healing session with the most ideally suited configuration of healing crystals. This process is to LIVE for.

There are several fabulous features of this process you are really going to love.

  • The second you engage Crystal Healing Pad your higher consciousness and soul tune in to ascertain if you have a specific focus. Your desire for the crystal pad to address your thyroid immediately focuses the healing session to concentrate on your endocrine system.
  • Engaging Crystal Healing Pad with no specific area of focus activates the higher consciousness and soul to scan your physical and energy bodies to identify areas of imbalance. Your healing session is applied based on those discoveries.
  • An ideal complement of ethereal crystals is selected for the Creator to apply in each 33 minute Crystal Healing Pad session.
  • A simultaneous healing procedure is engaged in the space-between-time, to address areas of imbalance that are resistant to elevation.
  • Advanced systems within the SVH Level 3 Mastery level of proficiency identifies embedded beliefs from deep genetics and current life imprints that attracted, accepted and allowed the issues causing imbalance. The Creator reformats the issues for you to clear the way for a graceful transformation of those areas of concern. This clearing occurs in the past to clear the way for freedom from these issues in the past, present and future.

Utilization of Crystal Healing Pad: It’s easy.

  1. Recline on the floor, on a massage table or in your bed.
  2. Think the trigger words: Crystal Healing Pad and ride the wave of healing energy for 33 minutes and beyond.
  3. To activate SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Crystal Healing Pad for your use, just close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the new trigger process: Crystal Healing Pad.
  4. Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to activate this process for your use. Listen for the Creator’s affirmative response and when you feel, hear sense or feel it, think the word ‘yes’ and your trigger is ready for use.

Pass this page on to anyone you believe would benefit or be interested in this glorious project.



20 JUNE 2015

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