Hold on to your hat! … the skirts of Gaia are flying up Friday!

Spring Equinox
Solar Eclipse 

20 MARCH 2015

Ride this wave to support a
higher harmonic for Earth.

Together we can assist the graceful elevation of plants, animals and all sentient beings of our world.

On Friday the 20th of March, three celestial events occur to activate collective waves of energy that have the potential to sponsor and support a graceful elevation of the physical and ethereal elements of Earth Gaia.

Waves of light created by the solar eclipse, super-moon and the spring equinox offer us an opportunity to fuel in to reality, the wonderful world we envision in our hearts.

You might wonder what on Earth you can do to support this higher harmonic. How can one person fuel an expansion of peace, prosperity, healing and harmony? The answer is, a lot. In fact, the collective elevation of Earth depends on each and every one of us doing our part.

Fifth dimensional energies are upon us and we can support the elevation of its higher harmonic catching hold in the collective consciousness by implementing a few easy ‘mentally’ directed steps throughout our day.

Step 1

The first step is as easy as noticing when negative or limiting thoughts or ideas come to mind. If they do, think the SVH Trigger Word: Cancel. Thoughts and words attach to creation energy to support the forming realities we focus on.

(Mentally thinking or even speaking the word cancel is a widely used method to cancel the forming elements in creation energy linked to our wayward projections of negative thoughts and verbiage.) As an SVH principle and tool, cancel does even more than that.

When you think the SVH Trigger Process: Cancel, mechanisms of the SVH modality activate your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator to mute the energies associated with the limiting thoughts and words you wish to cancel. That way, your limiting thoughts do no fuel or support the forming of those negative potentials.

This trigger process also activates a clearing tool called Quantum Level Reprogramming, to identify and reformat the seeds and foundations of limiting genetic and current life beliefs that fueled those non-productive thoughts and words. (Basically it clears the formats that fueled the limiting thoughts and mops up formatting that has a potential to fuel future random thoughts such as these.)

Step 2

The second thing you can easily do, is any time you hear, read, ponder or speak about negative or limiting circumstances playing-out on our world, think the SVH Trigger Process: Wonderful World.

When you use the SVH Trigger Process: Wonderful World, it activates transformational energy dispersions to defuse creation energy that feeds and fuels the limiting scenarios you are pondering, hearing or reading about.

Instantly your higher consciousness and soul reflects Archangel Michael’s most ideal scenario for harmonizing the current topic and the Creator rains Divine Light upon you and redirects your creation energy to help fuel the shining ideal of that circumstance.

The more you use this process, the more it helps you to recognize when your thoughts and the words you hear or read are fueling negative, limiting and suppressive energies. You will feel a difference when you use Wonderful World.

Think Positive

You would never consciously fuel disasters, but thoughts and words form realities. The Law of Attraction and Laws of Formation are universally upheld to fuel potential realities that are focused upon.

After activating this trigger process, any time you think the two words Wonderful World, you stop creation energy from further fueling negative and limiting realities. Your positive creation forming energy elevates the collective consciousness base and helps to transform less-than-ideal situations into realities that fit Archangel Michael’s shining ideal.

Using this process doesn’t mean we don’t care about world issues; in fact, we care so much that we are choosing no to fuel and support them with our creation energy.

The power of prayer is incalculable and each positive thought you send out to the collective is priceless. Let’s make our thoughts and words count. Hold the vision of our collective energies helping to calm storms and to heal and uplift destructive and limiting issues. Use the trigger process wonderful world and when you can take a moment, say a prayer for the ideal outcome of every limiting situation you know about. Do this and watch our wonderful world transform.

If you would like to hear a more comprehensive explanation of the Wonderful World process, please listen below:

Together we can commit to be an instrument that fuels the higher harmonic waves created by this unique combination of celestial events. We can help to transform our world.

Individually cancelling ten negative or limiting thoughts or words a day…adds to all the ripples of light caused by other light minded individuals.

If you do not already have the SVH Trigger Process: Cancel and the SVH Trigger Process: Wonderful World in your toolbox, you can move through the easy SVH screen authorization procedure to empower your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator to activate the parameters of them for you each time you think the trigger words.

SVH screen authorization procedure: Close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen are the two SVH trigger processes, Cancel and Wonderful World.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to activate these triggers and to apply the transformative steps of them for you each time you think or say the trigger words.

Now pause to listen for an affirmative sense or knowing and when you have received it, think the word, ‘yes’ and the triggers are ready for your use.

Add to the wave of light and join the stampede to fuel a higher harmony and elevated expressions of being.

Many blessings of light,

Jill Marie



Channel the Masters, Stage 2, part 1

21 March 2015





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