Support your Child’s Soul Purpose! – Listed to the recorded tele-conf!

Support your child’s soul purpose from their first spark of life.

 Help your biological mother do the same for you.



 Dear Friends,

I stumbled onto a life transforming jewel a few months back and you are going to love it. We have a new SVH Process and a guided experience that rolls time back to your conception and also the conception of your children, to create a sacred bond between the soul essences of mother and child. Several elements within the process enhance your ability to support every facet of your soul purpose and that of your children. If a biological father of the child is in the loop, he too is offered an opportunity to play a major role in the endeavor.

Years ago I had a pondering thought about Jesus and I wondered what it must have been like for him to have parents that knew his soul purpose and supported it from the first spark of his life. The concept I share with you followed from there.

From the moment of conception we share the essence of our mother’s soul, because we are made of her body and are an element of her life experience. At some point the individuated soul essence meant for us enters our physical and energy bodies. Back in the day a soul entered the fetus a few days or weeks before birth, however, the soul essence of babies born in the last ten years enters much sooner.

In this thirty-three minute tele-gathering you have an opportunity roll back time to become an ideal mentor to your child. After blending your soul essence with the soul of your gestating baby, a vision of the child’s purpose is actively focused to you and it throughout its fetal development and full life experience. Clearing features utilizing quantum level reprogramming activate any time there is resistance to your roles of master mentoring and mentored master, so every day of your child’s life you become focused and clear about the ways you can guide and protect him or her.

To meet the soul essence of your child, before it enters its baby body and to receive a full vision of its ever evolving purpose, allows you the honor and privilege of enhancing his or her evolution to higher consciousness throughout the formative years and beyond.

This procedure employs SVH parameters to facilitate distinctions involving your soul purpose and that of your child. All stages of this procedure are applied by your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator as this experiential journey and fully formulated SVH Process structures a new enhanced life experience for you and your child.

This same opportunity is available to each of us, when we use the parameters of this mechanism to work with our biological parents through non-manipulative means that elevate us to the ranks of master and master maker.

Even if you don’t have biological children, this tele-gathering and the new SVH Processes are going to light you up and in many cases, help heal past relationships with your family of origin.

More will be described on the live call as we move through this thirty-three minute journey of a lifetime on November 23. There are so many expansive stages and steps covered in this SVH Process, so prepare your self to be elevated. This work is going to rock your world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to heal the past and light the way for you and your loved ones.

This tele-gathering is open to all and
SVH certification is not required.


Jill Marie

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