Rome Boomerang Mission Report

The Boomerang Stones
are on the move!

July 26

The drive to Italy was fast and furious, especially after I made a right turn somewhere and ended up in Spain. No worries, I turned the car around at the next exit and headed back two hours to the point of departure from the trail.

I am an optimist, so it was very easy for me to celebrate all the extra Cathar country the Minerve stones had the opportunity to connect with. Ten hours ahead was Florence, my first stop in the five day driving marathon, so I put the pedal to the metal and lit up a lightening fast trail to my destination.

As soon as I hit the Italian border I stopped for a cappuccino. It is worth mentioning that even the truck stops in Italy make a better cappuccino than anywhere else in the world, so my blinker turned on at every fifth or sixth rest stop.

I arrived in Florence too late for dinner, so I ate at a gelato shop. It was not a problem!

July 27

The next day I headed south to Vesuvius. I really wanted to climb the volcano, but I knew that the stones were meant to be collected on the 28th, so as I passed the grand caldera I honored Gaia and drove on to the little village hotel I selected. Again it was a bit late for restaurant service by the time I arrived, but I found a place with authentic Italian food. I guess that isn’t too big of a stretch of the imagination, since I am in Italy….but oh my goodness, the food was to live for!


July 28


It was a magnificent experience to drive up the skinny winding mountain road leading up to the caldera of Mount Vesuvius. The higher I drove the more I wondered at the enormity of the land mass that was drenched in lava and ash. As you know, this volcano laid waste Pompeii in 79AD.

Vesuvius is the most ideal place to collect the stones for our Roman Conquest Boomerang. There was no way for the people of Pompeii to escape the lava and ash of Vesuvius, just as those that were conquered by soldiers of the Roman Conquest and Holy Roman Empire were unable to escape subjugation, except through death.

I collected our boomerang stones from the hillside of Mount Vesuvius and got a few extra in the event others join the project later. I held the stones, bringing them to my heart……….connecting with Gaia and the Creator and all of the masters and angelic beings of light that are assisting you and I and the collective of our world. I know that the stones collected this day are viewed by many to be the previous elements of fiery destruction, but to us they are pieces of stone to be used as a catalyst for our world’s transformation and elevation to new levels of sovereignty and freedom. It was a humbling moment to realize that the very eruption that snuffed out the lives of so many will soon spark a new freedom in collective consciousness. We are doing something huge for ourselves and for our world.

After checking into the hotel in Rome I took our stones on a reconnaissance mission to the Roman Forum and the Vatican before going on to the coliseum to initiate the first activation of the stones at the Arch of Titus.


The first activation takes place at the Arch of Titus on July 28. This auspicious date of Tisha B’Av lights a beacon of hope for all subjugated peoples of this world.

The Arch of Titus was in full darkness when I arrived. At first I was a bit confused, because there was a really big lit up arch in front of the coliseum and everyone was calling it Constantine’s Arch. I walked around it over and over again, but couldn’t find the Titus reliefs.

Finally I heard a fellow speaking about the sacking of the temple in Jerusalem, so I asked if the arch before us was the one he was speaking about. Happily he directed me to a cobbled path leading to the actual Arch of Titus.

I carried our bag of stones to the arch and initiated the protocol to start the boomerang activation. I called on all the masters, angels and guides of light and the Creator … requesting that each of us be supported in our journey of personal advancement, helping us to light beacons of hope for those that are searching for answers to support change and those that have lost all hope of freedom. Curiously, the arch was in darkness, with only a small slip of moon to light it. When the activation was complete I found a person who knew how to turn the flash off on my camera, so I could take this photo.

July 29

Most of today was spent holding the energy of the newly developing grid and the second activation of our stones at the Roman Forum. I also went back to the Vatican to select the position for our third activation tomorrow.

There are so many areas of the forum that I connected with as a place to initiate the second stone activation. My mind ran to the site where Caesar was murdered, the house of the vestal virgins and so on ……… but the senate remained the ideal.


The second activation took place at the archeological site of the Roman Senate on July 29. This strategic position serves to amplify our declaration of autonomy.

The activation of our stones at the senate in the Roman Forum was like a shout of freedom that silently burst from my mind and my heart. Our collective claims for sovereignty and autonomy are now prepared to ring out to the world when we hold our boomerang stones in our hands and initiate the threading procedure that connects us to each aspect of our genetic and soul lineage that have been subjugated by the Roman Conquest and the Holy Roman Empire.

July 30th

With absolute clarity I know our third activation of the boomerang stones was to be activated at the Egyptian Obelisk that stands in the center of Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican. This third activation reclaims our divine right of free will.


Symbol of the Conquering

At the center of the ovato tondo stands an Egyptian obelisk of red granite, 25.5 meters tall, supported on bronze lions and surmounted by the Chigi arms in bronze, in all 41 meters to the cross on its top. The obelisk was originally erected at Heliopolis by a pharaoh of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt (c. 2494 BC – 2345 BC). During its history of c. 4400 years (at the start of the 2010s), the obelisk has been successfully moved 3 times.

The Emperor Augustus (c. 63 BC – 14 AD) had it moved to the Julian Forum of Alexandria, where it stood until year 37 A.D.

In 37 A.D., Caligula ordered the forum demolished and the obelisk transferred to Rome. He had it placed on the spina which ran along the center of the Circus of Nero, where it would preside over Nero’s countless brutal games and Christian executions.

The obelisk was moved to its current site in 1586, where it has waited patiently for our boomerang stones to be activated at its feet on July 30, 2012.

Our boomerang stones received their third activation at the foot of the Vatican Obelisk in the morning, further claiming our choice to live and create the life of our dreams and our free will right to choose those dreams.


As soon as the stones were activated, my zig-zag journey home commenced. I packed up, checked out of the hotel and hit the road.

Sometimes I felt like I was in the Ishtar movie, riding a blind camel in circles and getting nowhere. The back roads of Italy I selected weaved me through many villages, taking me past the same landmark over and over again. Each time I rounded a bend and saw that same big house on the hill I felt like I was in a time warp. The miles of road were weaving me gradually closer to it and at last saw it in my rear view mirror.

I arrived in Pisa quite late and checked into my small hotel that is only a few feet from the leaning tower. This is a hotel with no stars and though they boast that there are three, they are lying. I was never so grateful to be traveling with my own pillow.

I was ready for food and bed, but could not resist walking to the monument before heading up the three flights of stairs to my toasty warm room with single bed and small electric fan. My bathroom had a toilet, a bidet and a shower head that lowered to rain into a small space between the two. I fell asleep laughing; not exactly princess quarters! I dreamed that mosquitoes were swarming the room, stinging every inch of my body. When I woke up I didn’t have a mark on me, but I was itching from the laundry soap used on the sheets. A quick SVH protocol fixed that!

The rest of the way back to France was spent linking the stones to the energy grids Archangel Michael and Metetron created for the boomerang.

Here at home, I laid out the Minerve and Vesuvius stones to be washed and prepared for shipment to boomerang registrants. In a flash I felt a call to take the stones onto the open road again. I am inspired to carry the stones to Lourdes to wash the stones in Mary’s healing waters. Where better to lift remnants of the old stories from the history of these amazing stones?


When I arrived at the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes, there were thousands of people. I brought out the Minerve stones and washed each of them in Mary’s healing water. You can see in the photograph that the purple rocks changed color and really look more like pieces of raw liver. I piled them on top of the trough after washing them and then took this picture. What a surprise to see the green heart shaped rock.

Next I washed the rocks collected from the hillside of Mount Vesuvius. When I was finished I carried the bag over to the area where Mother Mary appeared to young Bernadette more than 150 years ago. I put the bag of rocks down in the grotto and prayed for our project, asking Mary to assist us in our quest for sovereignty and freedom from suppressions. It was very emotional. I could feel Mary’s energy touch the bag of rocks and in that moment I knew that she was our champion in this quest for emancipation from drone formatting. I lit candles and filled bottles of water before departing for home.

I finish the boomerang formatting sequences this week and will be packaging and sending out the stones and clearing instructions. If you have not registered for one of these stones yet, please read more about the boomerang parameters on the SVH website and consider it. This is the next stage clearing we have all been waiting for. (How can we truly rise to our greatest potential with the embedded formatting associated with the collective acceptance of rulers and being ruled?) If you have already registered, your stone flies out to you next week. Get ready for the biggest genetic and current life clearing ever!

The saga continues as August offers excellent opportunities to live, laugh and be… the Aude. I hope to see you here at a class some day soon.

I leave you with this thought stream; every moment of your life is important. Live it on purpose…..for a purpose that gracefully leads you to the pinnacle of your dreams.

Many blessings of light!

Jill Marie


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